Suicidal Girl

hi, my name is alexandra I enjoy reading, hearing music & drawing. Have a nice day.

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pihzza said: Hey don't be sad :(

I will try

Anonymous said: He's not worth it bae your awesome and you deserve a guy that makes you feel like a queen not one that makes u cry and feel like your not good enough

Thank you so much, but I can’t stop thinking of him, he is always on my mind and I dream with him most of the nights, you are so sweet, you deserve the best! i am so grateful, thanks

Anonymous said: What's wrong babe? :(

I am sad and I can’t stop thinking about the guy I like… Help! I really like him, my friend told me I am in love, but I hate love! And now I hate it more, because this guy will never like me back, and this makes me feel like I am not enough for him…



Long time no see @bellasinstagram 💙



Hi guys! i am in vacations so there is no school, if you want talk to me, don't be shy honey.
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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
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