Suicidal Girl

hi, my name is Alexandra I enjoy reading, hearing music & drawing. Have a nice day.

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I didn’t like my new school…

dirtyconversee said: I love you. You have SO much fucking purpose. Your heart is beating for a reason. You are so damned wonderful and deserve the best from life. Take deep breathes and know you are cared for. Love you.

Thank you so much, but I cant… I just really wanna finish all the pain I am feeling, why can’t I be happy? Thanks for your words, you are the only one that would worry if I go, and my family of course. I love you too cutie

I hate myself… why am I still alive? I hate me, I hate everything, god… Make us a favor please

I am so fucking nervous guys



Anonymous said: Good luck at school ur awesome

I am so nervous! God! Thanks!

Hi guys! i am in vacations so there is no school, if you want talk to me, don't be shy honey.
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